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What is A Gym Towel?

A gym towel is a smaller, thinner and lighter version of a terry towels typically used at home. It is made of fast drying and lightweight material, so it is an easy to carry, as intended, towel because of its compact volume. A gym towel is typically used after doing an outdoor activity, or during and after a cooling down routine in the gym or fitness center.

We offer gym towels in a variety of colors that are sure to be absolutely absorbent and provides a cool, refreshing feeling after hours at the gym.

Common Features of Gym Towels

Great gym towels must be absorbent, durable, quick-drying and provide gentle natural touch when used for toweling down or moisture absorption.

Gym towels are lightweight and relatively small so they are easy to pack away – you can just roll it up and store in your gym bag. They dry faster than bath towels.

Great towel material is one that will deliver a good mix of softness and absorbency that will not irritate the skin and will last even with repeated use.

One of the newer features of gym towels is its ability to provide instant cooling sensation to relieve the heat felt after a workout. These towels just need to be wetted, wringed free of excess water and with just a pat and glide over your hot skin, it will likely to lower your body temperature over that area and give you a great cooling and refreshing feeling.


Why Get A Gym Towel?

One of the great differences of a gym towel from a conventional bath towels is its size. A gym towel is an ideal size that can fit into your bag without taking up so much space.

As for its intended use, a gym towel needs to be absorbent either to pat dry sweat off your face and body or after showering after a long period of workout at the gym. It can hold at least three to five times its weight in water or sweat.

A relatively new technology now also makes gym towels cooler so that it can provide a fresher and cooler feeling when used to relieve yourself of the heat after burning off those calories. This is typical especially when you perform exercises that increase your heart rate as it also increases your body temperature. When you keep yourself feeling cool even while working out, you can push yourself further to do more without feeling uncomfortable already because of the heat.

Using Your Gym Towel

Feeling refreshed with just using your towel has never this easy. All you need to do, is wet it, wring it and wave it to remove excess water. Then, you can use your towel to wipe off your sweat and cool off at the same time.

Also, caring for your gym towels must not be high maintenance, though, they must be rinsed after use. Avoid using fabric softeners to main absorbency. When drying, use a cooler dryer setting or just tumble dry.

Guaranteed Best Price

It is important to note that buying one must surely give you the instant and refreshing feeling you desire after burning off some calories. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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